Information overload

Trying to make it through the other side

Every 2 days we create as much new information as we did in the last two thousand years.

Eric Schmidt, CEO Google

There is just too much available information.On Facebook alone, at any one time, there are potentially 3000 posts fighting to get a space on your newsfeed. This number goes up if you have over 350 Facebook friends. 



Filter bubble.

We see less variety and more information that compounds our views

About Good Words Online

This blog was designed to be a home for all the content I’ve created over the years. It is a mix of book reviews, personal reflections and business learnings. There is no definitive way to live or work, we all make our own choices. I in no way think I am right about any particular subject. This is simply about sharing what I’ve learnt and creating an online reminder for myself.

The name, good words, has no religious references. We can’t be good all the time. Each of us will make mistakes. All we can do is try to learn from them and try and attempt to be a little better next time.

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